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Timesaver Bookshelf

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I love books. I spent 18 years working for a major bookseller hand selling books. Reading them, reviewing them and recommending them to family, friends and customers alike. My passion is helping you find the right book that will add something to your life.

I particularly love 'self improvement' books. Books that help you understand yourself, learn from the best, become more efficient or just arrange the sock drawer so that it looks pretty. I've spent years reading these books. These are my pick of the very best.

There are a plethora of brilliant books out there, and not enough time to read them all. I am just including my very favourites. Every book here has been a game changer and invaluable addition to my life.

To help you find the books that interest you there are sections:

  • Big Idea Books - books from the big thinkers and innovators of our time 

  • Money Books - financial advice and wisdom from the very best

  • Motivating Books - books that will make you want to get up and conquer the world

  • Organising Books - books that will help you get your house and office in order once and for all

  • Soul Books - books to uplift and heal your soul

  • Timesaving Books - books that help you become more productive, and power through that to do list.


I hope you find something that adds value to your bookshelf.


**Please note that the links in my book reviews are affiliate links, and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commision. This incurs no further cost to you, it just helps me to put food on the table! I am an independent reviewer, and all opinions are my own.**

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