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Office Essentials

The best stationery supplies to help you set up your home office. I've loved stationery since my school days, these are the very best brands and products that I use everyday.

Some of these links are affiliate links. This means that while the products cost you exactly the same, I may earn a small commission for recommending them. However, I own every single one of these products and ONLY recommend items I use on a daily basis.

Frixion Pens



Perfect for the perfectionist. These pens are erasable, and you can easily rewrite over them. No torn pages or yellow stains as with the old ink eraser pens we had at school. Keep your planner or journal looking beautiful as you can remove smudges and rearrange appointments as needed. Available in a variety of nib widths and colours, my personal go to is black 0.7. An added bonus is refills are available.

Stabilo Pens

stabilo pen.jpg


If you like a fine tipped pen, for print style handwriting or neat drawing this is the brand for you. Staedtler make something very similar with grey triangular barrels. The colour range is near identical. It's hard to choose between them. I plumped for Stabilo as I think the ink lasts a little longer, flows a bit more easily and the pens are more pleasant to grip. Plus they are harder to lose with that iconic orange stem!

Stablio Highlighters



A highlighter is crucial for planning or taking notes. No easier way to draw attention to something important. I love these pastel highlighters from Stabilo, much easier on the eye than the putrid green and yellow of some. This set offers 2 different line widths: 4mm and 1mm, so providing a more delicate and detailed finish than most standard highlighters. Perfect if you are bullet journalling or working on a tightly printed document.

Lemome Notebook



I take notebooks seriously. The paper quality has to be good, no bleed through here. The notebook has to lay flat, I hate notebooks where you have to crease the cover just to open it. And of course it has to look good. 

The Lemome range does all that, with a special flexible great spine which looks so much better than a spiral bind, and lays totally flat. Add in sumptuous cream paper, options of lined, ruled, dotted or grid layouts, a strong back pocket and pen loop - ladies and gentleman we have a winner.

Action Planning Pad



Simply put this is by far the best weekly planner pad I have ever used. 

Firstly it is actually big enough - at A3 there is plenty of space to spread out. Rather than linear planning, the pad encourages mind-mapping and brainstorming,  and allows you to flex your plan as life happens. If you are looking for something to give you a visual overview of the week, this is the product for you. Check out the website for more details on how to use this system. 

Post-it Notes



I've learnt this the hard way - don't get sucked in by the cute designs they have at Paperchase or cheaper alternatives. If you want  a post-it note that actually sticks, can be reused and moved around, stick to the brand. You get what you pay for. I have had to recycle endless novelty post-its that lost their stickiness or refused to come off the pad. Nothing better for quick fire planning or leaving reminders than a good stack of post-it notes.

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